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Refined Sugar-Free Honey and Cinnamon Popcorn

Refined Sugar-Free Honey and Cinnamon Popcorn

I saw popcorn kernels in town this morning and decided to buy some for making an after school snack for the boys. I knew I wanted to make a refined-sugar free version, so did my own take on this recipe from Naturally Ella

I actually made half this quantity of honey coating first of all but it didn’t really coat the popcorn enough – I had underestimated the fact that half a cup of popcorn kernels would make nearly a mixing bowl full of popcorn so I had to make a second batch of the syrup! The kids have given this their seal of approval, so now I can share it with you! This makes a great snack or is perfect for munching on at a movie night!

Refined Sugar-Free Honey and Cinnamon Popcorn (Serves 4-6)


For the popcorn:

1 half a cup popcorn kernels

1 tbsp coconut oil

For the syrup:

3 tbsp coconut oil

4 tbsp honey

half a teaspoon ground cinnamon

a pinch of sea salt if wished, but I didn’t add it.



Firstly make the syrup by putting all the syrup ingredients (except the salt if using) into a small saucepan over a medium heat. Stir with a wooden spoon until melted. Do not let it boil. When all the ingredients are melted and mixed well put the saucepan to one side.

Next put the 1 tbsp of coconut oil into a large saucepan with a glass lid. Heat the oil over a medium heat and throw in a few kernels of the popping corn to test the heat. Put the lid on and keep a hand on the lid handle. When those kernels burst it is time to quickly add the rest of the popcorn to the saucepan. Quickly replace the lid and keeping one hand on the lid to keep it on and one hand on the saucepan handle keep shaking the pan every so often so the popcorn doesn’t stick or burn. I was amazed that the popped corn totally filled my pan!

When about two-thirds of the popcorn has popped and the popping has slowed down take the popcorn off the heat. Keep shaking the saucepan. When the popping has stopped tip all the popcorn into a big mixing bowl. Add the honey mixture to the bowl and stir it all together well so that all the popcorn is coated with the honey syrup. Sprinkle with the sea salt if using. Transfer to a serving bowl or bowls. Enjoy!

Image by Mc Jefferson Agloro via Unsplash.






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