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Poppy Seed Flatbreads

Poppy Seed Flatbreads

A quick and easy flatbread recipe. Great for scooping up dips like Zingy Lemon and Coriander Hummus or as an accompaniment to soup.

Poppy Seed Flatbreads – Makes 8 Flatbreads


3 cups white self-raising flour

1 cup wholemeal strong bread flour plus a bit extra for flouring your board

1 eighth of a cup rapeseed oil

2 cups water

half a cup poppy seeds

A pinch of table salt


Mix everything except the extra wholemeal flour and poppy seeds together in a large bowl until it comes together to form a smooth dough. Split into 8 balls of dough. Sprinkle a clean surface with the remaining wholemeal flour and some of the poppyseeds. Using a rolling pin roll the first dough ball into a circle on the poppy seeds until it is about 3 mm thick. Fry in a dry large frying pan until the underside is blistered and golden brown. Flip the flatbread over with a spatula and continue cooking until the other side is also brown. Then remove from the pan. Wrap in a clean teatowel whilst you roll and fry the remaining flatbreads, refreshing the poppy seeds on the surface as required. Stack the flatbreads in the teatowel until you have finished frying them all and then serve.

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